Sunday, October 23, 2011

Suck For Luck?

Well with both the trade deadline, and the bye week over with, what do we as Seahawks fans have to look forward to for the rest of the season?  Hopefully there's no more of the lackluster offensive showings like there were today in Cleveland.  That was just pathetic.  I'm sure all of you have heard of the "Suck for Luck" campaign that's being thrown around all over sports talk shows and radio.  That's fine, if he were to fall into our lap, but there is another qb that I would rather suck for this season though, but knowing the Seahawks personel, they won't draft one anyways.  Kellen Moore.  That man is a gun-slinger if I've ever seen one before.  That is what the Seahawks are in need of, not Luck, not Barkley, and thank God we already missed out on Palmer, because he wasn't the answer either.  Since the Seahawks already missed out on two great qbs the last two drafts in Locker and Colt, why not tank the rest of the season knowing that the Rams aren't going to be taking a qb, and shoot for Kellen Moore?  Of course, I would rather they were capable of winning out, and winning the NFC West again, but let's be real, I am a Seahawks fan, and I know terrible football when I see it.  And this is why I am looking forward to watching my team lose the majority of their games for the rest of the season.  Of course I would like to see them win the divisional matchup against the Rams on Monday Night Football, but other than that, the hell with the rest of the season.  It might even show coach Carroll the door a little earlier than normal too!  I am an optimist by nature, especially in sports, but as a realist as well, I know that our reign of the NFC West is over.  We are a team without an identity, and now with our only explosive back probably out for the year, the team will rely on T-Jack to lead us to the promised land: last place.  I have been an advocate for coach Carroll to start Charlie at qb all year, but for now I am recanting my proposal.  We need Jackson in there for the rest of the season to absolutely blow this thing.  Not that we are in any position to win the division, but we got some pretty steep competition in Arizona and St. Louis for bottom of the table.  The way I see it, even if we win only two more games the rest of the way, it will be too many.  St. Louis is possibly the worst team in the league, sorry Miami, and the Cardinals just can't catch a break.  There could actually be a three way tie for the cellar this year.  Not normally something one cheers for, but this isn't your ordinary qb draft class either.  Thankfully Cam Newton broke the curse of the awful first overall qb picks, and this leads the Seahawks to hopefully landing a great qb early.  I know the whole Rick Mirer fiasco still lingers in the back of the front office's minds, but we need to get back on the saddle and draft another big name guy early.  Either that or spend the next ten years in mediocracy in the worst division in football.  It's your call Mr. Allen, you sign the paychecks.  Don't become the next Al Davis please.

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