Monday, October 10, 2011


This is what happens when the NFL owners want to be greedy billionaires.  Camps cut short, rush to pre-season games, and injuries galore.  This is by far the worst fantasy season in my 3 years of compition.  Every week I lose somebody for an extended period of time.  It's not broken bones, or any weakness on the players part, it's the lack of conditioning the players had in getting ready for the season.  How many hamstring injuries have there been this year?  Too many to keep track of, that's for sure.  The lockout showed the fans how much the owners actually care about their players.  It's more like an old west cattle run really.  The players are just a number on the field, just like the cows have the number tags pierced through their ear lobes.  These players are not part of the NFL owners family, they are just a means for more money to be earned by ticket and jersey sales (I write this as I am wearing my Seahawks jersey).  It is ludacris to think even for the slightest second that the players were the greedy ones during the labor dispute this off-season.  Just like in the NBA lockout, the players are the ones who are willing to barter with the owners to get a deal done.  The owners of these franchises, and any owner of any business for that matter, are greedy, money loving, sell your souls to the devil type of people.  Once again, they do not care about the players on the field.  I've heard the NFL be compared to modern day slavery before, and everything except their salaries, reflects this.  Back during the real slavery days, the blacks were used like machinery.  They were forced to work long hours in the heat without water breaks; just like the NFL during training camps, forced to work til they couldn't produce anymore; just like the NFL, and once they were all used up, they were tossed aside for a new, younger worker who could produce twice as much as they could; just like the NFL.  Does anybody else see this pattern that I just layed out before you?  It's a business, is what the owners say.  A black market human trading business is more like it.  Just with more money involved.

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