Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Raider Nation, Get Ready to Welcome Another 1st Rd Bust!

What is the going rate for an underachieving former 1st round bust?  Evidently a 7th, and mid round pick over the next two years.  Today the Seahawks finally got rid of former top 10 pick Aaron Curry to the Raiders for a couple of picks over the next two drafts.  While some people, mainly me, had wanted the Hawks to make a move for home dude holding out in Cincy, they opted for the quick and easy dump for some picks.  Curry now joins a long list of Seahawks former 1st round picks whose careers never came to fruition.  I will not name names of some of the others as it is too painful to relive over and over again, but lets just say the biggest ones both came out of mid west schools.  With both the Seahawks and Raiders coming off of huge wins this past weekend, this move will help define the way they conduct business for the rest of the season.  It is true that the NFL trade deadline does not make the huge splash that the other big 3 do, with the exception of the Herschel Walker deal 21 years ago today, but it is in fact more or less to swap for a injury replacement for draft picks.  There was another deal today as well in the NFL world, but since I only care about the Seahawks, I will not discuss it.  It was player for player though.  So there is, or at least should be, singing in the streets of Seattle tonight.  The Curry experiment is over.  And what did we learn from this experiment?  That we shoulda given Mike Holmgren the money he wanted when we had the chance!  That is the only resonable explantation for the current mess we are in.  Holmgren good.  Carroll bad.  And don't even get me started on this whole LeBron James bs.  That pic literally made me sick to my stomach.  Go back to southern California Pete.  We don't like cheaters in Seattle.  This is why Neuhiesal, A-Rod, and Shawn Kemp were all shown the door.  We learned what hard nose football was all about under Holmgren.  We had a MVP, and a Super Bowl appearence with too many pro-bowlers to even begin to name.  A ture football guy who learned under the greatest football coach of all time, Mr. Bill Walsh.  But, in typical Seattle fashion, we lost Mike to the Browns, along with Seneca Wallace, and a chance at Colt McCoy.  Sure Holmgren may have had a 1st round bust or two in his day, but none of them were as memorable as Aaron Curry.  So long Mr. Curry, and thanks for all the boos.

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