Saturday, October 8, 2011

Football Saturday

Well after another long day of work, watching all the other people having fun, I am glad to finally be home.  At least the U.S. Mens National team got a much deserved win today, and unfortunately, my Sounders did not.  Football is what seems to fuel me anymore.  As little as five years ago I could care less about the sport, but thanks to FSC, I have fallen in love with it.  The Sounders have recently replaced the Mariners as my favorite team to cheer for.  I still love my Mariners, but the older I get, the farther away I fade from the sport I loved growing up.  Maybe if I still lived up in Washington I would care more about them, but it's hard to follow a losing team in when they don't get any TV or newspaper coverage down here in Arizona.  But enough about baseball, back to my new found love of the beautiful game.  Of course we got busy at work right as the opening kick-off of the USA v Honduras game got underway.  Typical of my luck when I want to watch something at work.  I miss Clint's goal, and pretty much all of the second half, but was pleased to see us get the needed 3 points finally.  I am new to this blogging thing, this is my very first submission.  I love to write, I love sports, and I am thinking about switching my major from business to english so I can go into sports journalism instead of sports business.  I have at least narrowed it down to the fact that I want to work in sports, that is a good thing I guess.  If anybody wants, they can follow me and my rants on Twitter, @clinto77.  Till tomorrow, or the next day, Clinto signing out.

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