Monday, October 17, 2011

Rush Was Right!

As much as this pains me to admit, Rush was right.  On his opinion of McNabb that is.  McNabb looked horrible tonight, as he has the past 4 seasons too.  An average qb, at best, is giving him too much credit.  I think the local qb for Lake Havasu High School could of looked just a little bit better against the Bears tonight.  I know that Rush threw out the race card on his judgment, that's just the kind of person he is though; a brash, shove his opinion down your throat type of commentator.  I for one, have never been a fan of Rush, or black qb's either.  I don't like how the college game preps these qb's for their system, and then they do not have what it takes to compete in a throwing league.  Correct me if I am wrong, but the only two black qb's who have ammounted to any sort of greatness were Doug Williams, and Warren Moon.  They were pocket passers.  The NFL uses a qb to throw the ball, or hand off.  Scramble when in dire situations, but be sure to slide, because you are the most valuable player on the field.  Sure there are some instances where a qb sneak is needed on very short yardage situatiions, and those are only a short burst right behind all of the linemen, so injuries are not common.  Guys like McNabb, Cullpepper, McNair, and everybody's favorite Jamarcus Russell, are built like linebackers.  They were taught in the college game to be option qb's.  Vick, because Cam Newton really hasn't proven anything just yet, might be the only exception.  And look at him now under Andy Reid, he isn't anything like he used to be.  Reid wants to throw the ball, or hand off.  Vick has been heard whining about non calls, because he's on the damn ground on most of the passing plays.  He's not a scrambler, he's a runner.  When trouble comes, he falters because he wasn't brought up with the abilities to avoid a pass rush and still make a play.  This may sound racist, but I can honestly assure you that I am not a racist like Rush Limbaugh is.  One of my favorite qb's of all time was in fact Warren Moon.  I know, I know, I am biased because he does color for my Seahawks, played for my Seahawks and for my Huskies, but I fell in love with his grit and determination while he was a member of the Houston Oilers.  For all you youngsters out there, that is what the Titans used to be called.  Same goes for Doug Williams.  A true warrior on the football field.  And, a Super Bowl champion to boot.  Back to McNabb now that I'm on the subject of Super Bowls.  What kind of leader blows chunks on the field during a game winning drive in the Super Bowl?  No wonder the Eagles opted for Kevin Kolb.  He may throw the occasional 3-4 interceptions a game, but he gets right back up and throws again.  He doesn't cower, or make excuses, or vomit, or pick a fight with his coach, or a crazy radio talk show host.  Andy Ried was right for shipping McNabb off to Washington.  He is a washed up qb who never really was as good as everybody says he was anyways.  But I guess if I'm gonna rip a guy who never won the big game with as many chances as McNabb had to get it done, I have to add Jim Kelly to this list of losers too.  See, I can hate on white qb's too.  In fact there are more white qb's that I hate that black ones.  As a matter of fact I was extremely saddened today by the loss of Jason Cambells season, another black real qb.  This is going to be a major blow for the Raiders the rest of the way.  I am not a racist, I am just a purest.  And that doesn't mean the pure white race, it means the pure qb of the good old days. 

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