Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Far is Too Far?

So I'm sure everybody has heard so far about the pending legal suit that Carlos Tevez is going to bring about on Mancini for defamation of character, but is it really a good case?  If I remember correctly, last year at the Christmas transfer period, Tevez spoke out about his hatred for the city of Manchester.  I believe he was quoted as saying that he wouldn't even vacation to the city after his current contract was up.  If I understand it correctly, he could have balked at the transfer when City bought him form United.  But instead, he took the money, and the fame and went cross town.  It has been a disaster ever since.  It's true that Tevez could be one of the top 20 strikers in the world, but that's when he isn't arguing with his manager about scarf wearing on the pitch.  If he has anybody in the world to blame for his defamation of character, it would be himself.  Take the fines, and the suspension like a man, and shut the hell up.  City will not lose anything when they finally do get rid of him.  Tevez is not Messi.  Not even close.  Hell he isn't even Maradona, but his ego might be a little closer on this one.  If I were in the front office at Mancheter City, I would try to work a deal with the Red Bulls of the MLS, or even worse, a non European qualifying club in Russia!  Let's see how well Mr. Tevez likes the real cold!  Now for a switch to football on our side of the pond, if there ever were a player who had a decent shot of suing his former club of defamation, it would be Jamarcus Russell.  Sure he was a fluke.  Sure he came to camp overweight and with the work ethic of my current co-workers.  But putting any quarter back in the NFL in the position that Russell was thrown into, they would've had the same results.  Oakland rivals the Kansas City Royals as the worst franchise of this short century.  They have had numerous high draft picks that have floundered before even being able to call their careers an actual career.  The late Al Davis may have been a so called football genius 40 years ago, but over the last 10 years, he was borderline moronic.  Russell was all hype after winning the national championship coming out of the toughest conference in the NCAA, sounds a lot like Cam Newton huh?  But unlike Newton, Russell was thrown to the wolves on a team with no line, no running game, and no recievers.  A recipe for disaster every time.  Sure there have been other busts with the same resumes; Leaf, and Mirer come to mind, and they happen to be on the top of the all time bust lists as well.  But I feel for Russell for some reason.  He was never given a proper shot at a NFL career.  I heard yesterday that he wants to make a comeback, and I hope he gets the shot honestly.  There's always room for a first round bust on a NFL roster.  Just ask the Eagles.  So I guess back to the main part of this whole thing.  How far is too far when dealing with under-performing athletes?  Should a player really be able to sue a franchise for defamation?  They still get paid the same until their contract is up.  I think it is asinine what Carlos Tevez is trying to do.  Another spoiled striker, hurt that his team has loaded up on talent, and forced to share the brunt of the goals.  Pathetic if you ask me.  I hope City dumps him the first chance they get.  Dzeko has already stepped up and is ready to fulfill the top striker position for the Citizens, let's just hope his ego doesn't get in the way as well.

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