Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hang up Your Boots, Kasey.

Well on a night that ended a little bit short of the expectations of this fan, Seattle says goodbye to one of the best professionals that the state of Washington has ever produced.  Kasey Keller posted a clean sheat in his last professional game of his storied career that has seen fantastic keeping on just about every continent in the world.  Keller made only one save tonight, a big one, that kept the Sounders ahead in the game, but ultimately found them losing 3-2 on aggregate goals to Real Salt Lake.  It's always toughest to lose the series when your team posts a 2-0 shutout, but that's just the way the game is played.  RSL go on to the next round, and the Sounders are forced to take an early trip to the offseason.  What might have been, is what we will be talking about until next season, but what was, is what we will be talking about forever.  Kasey Keller was the first superstar in the modern age of professional soccer in the pacific northwest.  He kept the net like the world class keeper he was for three seasons at the end of his glorious career.  On the way helping Seattle to not one, not two, but three straight Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup final matches, and three straight victories to follow each time.  Not since the year I was born had the city of Seattle been able to raise a championship trophy of any kind all of our own, and with the Sonics gone, this is the only current one in the city.  Of course there were the two by the Storm, and the co-national championship by U-Dub with the Buffalos of Colorado, but this is big time, real, professional sports.  Yes, it is not the MLS cup, which is the reason why we play the game, but three straight championships over every available team in America is even more of a feat if you ask me.  So, so long Kasey, go ahead and hang up your boots now.  Your presence was much appreciated, and will never be forgotten.

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