Saturday, November 5, 2011

BCS, You Suck!

So tonight the so called "game of the century" should have had the national title at stake, and it most likely did, but, LSU will still have to wait until early January to claim their title.  The BCS is broke, and it is taking college football down as well.  Gone are the days of meaningful bowl games, only to be replaced with BCS sponsored bowl games and the national championship game.  Gone too, or soon to be gone, are the regional rivalries that make college football so great.  The Pac 10, er I mean 12, the Big Ten, I believe it is still called that, and a portion of the Big 12, are the only traditional college football conferences left.  To my disliking, the Pac 12 expanded this year all in the name of gaining a conference championship game, and ultimately, a better shot at a BCS title contender.  So many schools are jumping their own conferences for new conferences for a hope of some big BCS money.  The landscape of college football is suffering.  Just think of what kind of world it will be with Texas A&M not playing Texas every year.  To the Aggies fans, they may like this idea at first, but that will only last as long as their first season in the SEC.  Facing the likes of Alabama, Arkansas, LSU, and Florida year in and year out will leave them yearning for the days of a Baylor or Kansas matchup.  Likewise with the rumor of Boise State going to the Big East.  What on earth are they even thinking?  Traveling to the east coast every other week is going to become extremely expensive for this tiny school in the middle of Idaho.  Sure they have been a "powerhouse", I use quotations because they still haven't proven they can fare well in a real FBS conference, but they still aren't giving themselves the proper footing for a much desired BCS championship berth.  The big east may be a glamorous conference to the Broncos, but how about trying their luck filling one of the vacant spots in the Big 12, that would be a better scenario for regionality, and for tougher competition.  I for one am ashamed at the Pac 10 for not going after a big time program when they decided on expansion.  Utah and Colorado are not big time programs in the least.  Sure now they can have their precious conference championship game, that is if it is not vacated by USC this year, since they cannot keep their players or coaches from breaking the rules for more than five minutes at a time.  The matchup most fans would want to see this season would be Oregon vs. Stanford.  But the rules do not allow for this in the new and improved Pac 12.  Chances are it will be Oregon vs. ASU, which could be a decent matchup, but with a BCS berth on the line, Oregon vs. Stanford should be the game that decides the champion.  Just like tonight in the Alabama vs. LSU game.  That should be the national championship game, not just the SEC championship game, and not that it ever could to begin with, now that will never happen.  Alabama has to hope that LSU loses a game now, just to catch a glimmer of a chance at the BCS national championship game.  We are in dire need of a playoff in college football.  Purists say the bowls are too important to get rid of, but last time I checked, the integrity of them went down the drain when the BCS came into play.  Let's get rid of this nonsense, restore regional rivalries even if non-conference, and get a damned playoff.  The players deserve this as much as the fans do. 

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